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10 Amazing Nice Cream Recipes

Love ice cream but worry about all the saturated fat and sugar in it? Worry no more as I’ve created 10 amazing nice cream recipes that you and your kids will love! Nothing but plant power and real food in this ice cream. 

What is Nice Cream?

Nice cream just means it’s ice cream with a healthy twist. Whether you are looking to eat healthier, lose weight, decrease sugar, or just enjoy a sweet treat this nice cream will be the perfect treat. What I love about it is it takes less than five minutes to make.

Plus it’s just simple real, whole food ingredients. Since it’s just fruits and veggies it will leave you feeling satisfied and not feeling the bloat or sugar highs and lows as if you just ate a big bowl of marble slab! Instead, it’s full of plant protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Just what the doctor ordered and that’s why it’s called nice cream!

How To Make Nice Cream

Basically, you can pick any combination of foods to use. I like to use frozen fruits/veggies because that’s what gives it the creaminess like ice cream. You can pick a base such as frozen bananas or cherries then add in some other ingredients such as other fruits/veggies, extracts for different flavors, greens such as kale or spinach, unsweetened plant milk or unsweetened dairy free or regular yogurt.

I love to add ground flax, chia, peanut butter, shredded coconut, walnuts, nuts, honey, etc for some extra omegas,  fiber, and protein.

Once you place everything in the blender just blend and enjoy. You may have to scrape the sides down and blend a second time. Just don’t over blend or it may be too thin. Really, it’s super easy and the kids really enjoy making this nice cream. It’s simple and doesn’t make a mess. Just wash out the blender and you are done with clean up. Easy peasy.

Ideas For Fruits and Veggies To Use

  • frozen cherries
  • frozen bananas
  • frozen blueberries
  • frozen strawberries
  • frozen raspberries
  • frozen kale (can be fresh too)
  • frozen spinach (can be fresh too)
  • frozen mango
  • frozen pineapple
  • peanut butter
  • coconut flakes
  • ground flax
  • chia seeds

10 Amazing Nice Cream Recipes For Your Family To Enjoy

Strawberry Delight

2 frozen bananas, 10 frozen strawberries, (2) 1/4 cups plant based vanilla yogurt

Blend bananas, strawberries, and yogurt together until you get the creaminess you prefer.

Cherry Delight

10 frozen cherries, (2) 1/4 cups plant based or regular yogurt

Place cherries and yogurt into blender. Blend and enjoy. If too thin, add in extra cherries

Peanut Butter Blast 

2 frozen bananas, 1-2 tbsp peanut butter, 1/4 cup plant based or regular yogurt, mini DF chocolate chips

Combine all ingredients except for chocolate chips into blender. Blend ingredients until creamy like ice cream then fold in chocolate chips

Chocolate Peanut Butter Blast 

2 frozen bananas, 1-2 tbsp peanut butter, 1/4 cup plant based or regular yogurt, t tbsp cocoa powder

Blend all ingredients into a blender. Enjoy this yummy chocolate peanut butter bomb. I love to top with chocolate chips, shredded coconut flakes, and walnuts. This makes a great “sundae”.

Mint Chocolate Chip 

2 frozen bananas, 1/4 tsp peppermint extract, 1 handful kale, 1 handful mini DF chocolate chips

Place ingredients in blender with placing the chocolate chips in last. Blend and enjoy.

Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip 

2 frozen bananas, 2 mint leaves, 1 handful kale, 1 handful mini DF chocolate chips, 1 tbsp cocoa powder

Same as above recipe but this one adds in cocoa powder. You could also use a scoop of chocolate plant based protein powder too. I like, use, and recommend this amazing one HERE.

It’s Island Time 

2 frozen bananas, 1/4 cup mango chopped, 1/4 cup pineapple, shredded unsweetened coconut, walnuts, and honey to top

Place first three ingredients in the blender. Blend until creamy. You can either choose to add in the coconut and honey when blending or add the coconut, honey, and walnuts on top. I like to add them on top so it’s like a sundae!

MA’s Special Berry Blast 

2 frozen bananas, 1/4 cup blueberries, 1/4 cup strawberries, 1 handful spinach

This is my five year old’s  favorite recipe. She originally made it up as a smoothie by adding almond milk and then we just took out the milk and made it into nice cream. She loves this one and the strawberry delight the most!

Cherry Garcia Wanna Be 

1 cup frozen cherries, 1 frozen banana,  1/4 cup plant based or regular yogurt, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 handful chocolate chips

Place all ingredients in the blender with chocolate chips placed last or leave those out to sprinkle on top. Blend and enjoy!


HERE is one of my favorite sites that has a ton of other recipes listed for you to try. Get creative. It’s pretty hard to mess this stuff up. There are so many combinations to choose from.

If you find it’s too thin then just add in more of your base which is typically frozen bananas. We use a lot of frozen cherries because my oldest isn’t a banana fan.

If you want it a little sweeter then you can always add honey or 100% pure maple syrup. Even a light drizzle of caramel or chocolate will be yummy too.

I love a good ole sweet treat, so if you are like me and you love these ideas then you will enjoy these sweet little energy balls too. Check them out HERE.

Leave a comment with your favorite flavor that you make! Love to hear what you’re cookin up in your kitchen!



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