EAT (Feeding Development Info & Strategies To Help Your Family Eat More Variety)

As a pediatric speech-language pathologist that focuses on feeding/swallowing delays/disorders and picky eaters I’ve helped hundreds of babies and kids over the last 12 years learn to love to eat. I’ve also helped parents learn how to feed their family real, whole food and enjoy mealtimes again!

EAT is all about helping you better understand why your child is having a difficult time eating and how to help them. Realistic strategies and practical solutions to help your child become a happy eater is found on the blog.

It’s also about helping your family make simple and healthy recipes that the whole family can enjoy so you can all feel your best!

Are you ready to join me so you and your family can enjoy simple, delicious, and healthy meals? If so, dive on in and let’s get cooking meals in under 30 minutes.

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