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Hello and Welcome

Welcome to Speak.Eat.Learn; I’m so happy you are here. I’m Lindsay! I’m a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist that focuses on pediatric speech and feeding development along with creating dairy & gluten free meal ideas.

I’ve worked in the area of early intervention (birth-five years old) for over 10 years and excited to share my love for speech-language therapy, feeding therapy, cooking, and helping families  enjoy simple & delicious meals, 

I ‘m also a Christian, Wife, Mom of 2, recipe creator for dairy and gluten free meal ideas, and on my own health journey to find physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental freedom. Over the last 1.5 years my world and my family’s world has been flipped upside down.

My health journey will be shared in blogs to come because I think it’s important to share my story and my journey in hope to help others. I’m becoming emotionally and spiritually stronger than I’ve ever been and I’m thankful for that.  I truly believe that is getting me through the tough times.

Physically and mentally, I am growing and improving. Healing is not linear and there is definitely a mix of good days and some tough days.

I am healing from non-epileptic seizures, tremors, memory loss, PTSD, anxiety/depression symptoms, Lyme disease, TBRF, Babesia, Bartonella, Rocky Moutain Spotted Fever, Mycoplasma, CIRS, mold toxicity, EMF Hypersensitivity, Chemical sensitivity, sensory processing disorder, severe light sensitivity, hormone imbalances, severe limbic system dysfunction, neuroinflammation, and Irlen syndrome.

I am a survivor. I am healing. I am powerful. I am worthy. I am grateful for who I am.

I’m here to share my love for helping others whether it be in the therapy world, creating & sharing recipes, ways to connect the mind/body/spirit, and my own scary/ugly/but yet purposeful health journey.

Please be on the lookout for updated blog posts, join my email list, or reach out to me via email.

Living with grace and purpose, 


A holistic approach to speech/language skills, tips for feeding kids, healthy recipes, gluten free/dairy free recipes, my story of healing from chronic illness, and ways to connect the mind and body to live a life of freedom on the blog!

You Should Also Know

I’m a Mom to a gluten and dairy free family. I’m navigating the world of gluten and dairy free meal ideas/recipes that are kid friendly, kid approved, and family friendly. As a feeding therapist, it’s important to me to help fuel my family with real, whole foods but also keep mealtimes positive and a time when my kids enjoy coming to the table.

I’m passionate about helping families get to the root of their child’s feeding difficulties, enjoy being at the dinner table together,  giving you the tools and resources to gluten and dairy free living, and raising healthy & happy kids.

If you are new to going gluten free and/or dairy free OR want to learn how to eat more real whole food, please reach out. I want every child to enjoy food that taste good and makes them feel their best! I’m here to support you!!

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