Valentines Day Snacks For Kids To Make

Valentines Day snacks for kids is something all kids look forward to. This post will give you ideas for snacks for kids of all ages along with some gluten free/dairy free options. Plus I’m throwing in a couple cute fun snack and craft ideas for kids. 

snacks for kids

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1. FROYO (frozen yogurt) Bites with Valentines Day Colored Sprinkles

froyo bites

I love these and so do my kids. They are the easiest snacks for kids to make too. Simply just pick your favorite flavored yogurt to use. Then you can pick a favorite fruit to add to them. It’s up to you. If you don’t want to use flavored yogurt just use a plain or vanilla flavored one.

Since we are dairy free we love the Kite Hill, SILK, or So Delicious DF yogurts. We love to add blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries to ours. Sometimes we’ll get out the blender and add in the yogurt, fruit, and handful of spinach. Blend and then add to the muffin pan.

What You’ll Need For FROYO Bites

  • 1-2 containers of yogurt of choice
  • handful of fruit
  • Valentines Day colored sprinkles
  • Muffin pan (mini or regular size)
  • optional: handful of spinach
  • optional: Blender


Option 1: Plain yogurt and sprinkles.

Spoon out yogurt into muffin pan. You’ll want to fill muffin cup halfway. Sprinkle some Valentines Day colored sprinkles on top. Place in the freezer for about 1-4 hours. Then when ready to eat, pop out!

Option 2: Yogurt with fruit and veggies

Spoon yogurt into muffin pan. Place preferred fruit on top. Freeze for 1-4 hours. When ready to eat, pop out with fork or knife.

You can also place yogurt, fruit, and spinach in a blender. Blend until mixed together. Then spoon out into the muffin pan. It’s always fun to add sprinkles or a piece of fruit on top too. Freeze for 1-4 hours. Pop out when ready to eat.

2. Magic Chocolate and Strawberry Snacks For Kids


This magic chocolate dip is super easy to make and it freezes very quickly. So yummy and this is such as fun snack for kids to make. They love to see how fast it freezes when it touches something like ice cream or cold strawberries.

These also make healthy snacks for kids after school that don’t seem so boring.chocolate strawberry

What You’ll Need

  • 1 pack of organic strawberries or favorite fruit (any fruit works well, think pineapple, apples, bananas, etc)
  • optional: other fruit to include apples, pineapples, or bananas
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1-2 tbsp honey or pure maple syrup
  • 4 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Piece of parchment paper


Heat coconut oil in a bowl either in the microwave or in a pan on the stove.

Then add 1-2 tbsp honey or pure maple syrup and mix.

Then add cocoa powder. Stir until combined.

Dip the tip of the strawberries in the chocolate mixture and swirl around so the chocolate is covering the tip of the fruit.

Place on parchment paper and place in freezer. It only takes a minute to freeze.

**If using apples, pineapples, or bananas I like to cut in half and coat half of the piece of fruit. You can also use strawberry ice cream (So Delicious is our favorite DF brand) and pour the chocolate over the ice cream and watch it freeze/harden immediately! 

3. Gluten and Dairy Free Sugar Cookies

valentines sugar cookies

I made these sugar cookies (along with 10 of the neighborhood kids piled around my kitchen island) over Christmas and they were really good. Some sugar cookie recipes are a beast to make but these were super easy and the dough doesn’t have to freeze overnight either.

For Valentines Day you can add red and pink sprinkles on top and/or you can cut into the shape of hearts. I like these heart cookie cutters because they are a set with three different sizes.

I got this great recipe from Mama Gourmand site. You can check it out HERE.

Just add in your sprinkles as soon as you take them out of the oven or you can add them before you place in the oven. If you add before placing in the oven to cook, they will most likely soak into the cookie.

4. Valentines Day School Snacks For Kids Mix

I love to make little snack size bags of mixes for my kids. It keeps things interesting and allows you to throw in some new foods to try without kids feeling the pressure. The good thing about this snack idea for kids is you can pretty much use any treats you have at the house or that you like.

snacks for kids

Some examples of snack foods you can add to the mix:

  • Chex Cereal (GF/DF)
  • Cheerios (GF)
  • Boom Chicca Boom Kettle Corn Popcorn (GF/DF)
  • Skinny Pop Popcorn Original or White Cheddar (GF/DF)
  • GF or Regular mini pretzels or pretzel sticks
  • Nuts (if allowed at school) pumpkin seeds, peanuts, cashews, pecan slices
  • Mini Chocolate Chips (Enjoy Life is allergy friendly)
  • Mini Marshmallows (GF & some of DF)
  • Rainbow Skittles (GF/DF)
  • Dried Cranberries

Just add ingredients to a bag and poof! You have some perfect school snacks for kids.

5. Fruit Kabobs

For those that don’t want to go overboard with sweet snacks for kids then here is a great option to add to the bunch of ideas. Personally, I think it’s important to include a good mix of snack foods with healthier options too so that kids learn to have a healthy balance with food.

For these fruit kabobs you can use any fruit that you want. Think of some fun red or pink colored fruits to add so that you are sticking to the Valentines Day theme.

fun snacks for kids

Some ideas are below: 

  • Cara Cara orange slices (I get these are Costco and they are red on the inside)
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Grapefruit slices
  • Red apples
  • Cherries
  • Blood Orange slices
  • Watermelon slices
  • Banana
  • Pineapple
  • Cantaloupe
  • Kiwi

You’ll need some kabob sticks and another piece of fruit such as a banana. Cut the banana in thick slices. Pick your fruit from above and cut in slices too. If using strawberries you’ll want to remove the stem and if using raspberries or cherries then keep them whole.

Place the fruit pieces on the kabob. For example, if using banana and strawberry then you will want to alternate fruits. Serve with a strawberry yogurt dip! 

6. Valentine Robot Snacks For Kids

I found the cutest robot snacks for kids idea online and had to share. It’s actually pretty simple and allows the kids something to do during class. I love this because you can even print out/write out directions and have the kids follow along to create their own.

Another fun activity to work on follow directions is to have the adult say the direction aloud and each child has to follow the directions without looking at another student’s work. At the end you all look at each others robots and see if they are similar or different.

You can check out the robot snacks for kids idea HERE.

7. Heart Wreath Snacks and Craft For Kids

This can be made with food or with simply construction paper and a ribbon. I’ll give you both options below.

Option 1: With Food

  • Red Construction Paper (Cut into a circle with the middle out)
  • Little heart candies
  • Red ribbon
  • Glue


Have students cut a big circle out of their construction paper. Tell them to make it look like a donut so they make sure to cut a hole out of the middle.

Next they will take a piece of red ribbon around 1 foot long and glue each end to the back of the wreath.

Then they will need to take their glue and place dots all over the wreath. They will place candy hearts over all of the dots until their wreath is full. Sine they will be using all of their hearts to glue onto the wreath it may be a good idea to allow them to eat a couple of them before they place along the wreath.

This is the perfect school snacks idea for kids as it keeps them busy, keeps the class organized, and allows them to enjoy making a fun craft!

Option 2: Without Food

  • Red Construction Paper (Cut into a circle with the middle out)
  • Red, white, and pink construction paper (cut into different sizes of heart shapes)
  • Red or pink ribbon
  • Glue


Cut out a big piece of construction paper to be the wreath. Make it look like a donut so their is a hole in the middle.

Then cut about 1 foot of ribbon and glue each end onto the back of the wreath.

Next, cut out different size heart shapes from red, white, and pink construction paper.

Place dots of glue all over the wreath and have students place cut out heart shapes on the glue dots until the wreath is completely full.

Another great idea is to have students write nice comments on each heart about their classmates and then share them before placing on the wreath. If you’re homeschooling, your child can write about friends and/or family members! 

8. Waffle Cone “Ice Cream” Sundae

These are fun because you can send all of the ingredients to school for the kids to assemble together. It’s definitely one of those fun school snacks for kids. There are GF/DF waffle cones you can find at the grocery stores too. We’ve tried them and they taste the same as a regular waffle cone.

What You’ll Need To Make Waffle Cone Sundaes

  • Pack of Waffle Cones
  • 1-2 Large Containers or pack of small containers of Strawberry Yogurt (SILK or So Delicious is our favorite DF brand)
  • 1 pack of strawberries chopped
  • 1 pack of mini chocolate chips (we love Enjoy Life allergy friendly brand)
  • Optional Whipped Cream (look for DF options at grocery store)


Have kids put 2 scoops of yogurt into the waffle cone.

They can either layer the chopped strawberries or put them all on top.

Then top with chocolate chips!

If you are really fancy then let them put a little squirt of whipped cream on top. We love the DF whipped cream. So yummy!

Kids will love this because they feel like they are getting ice cream at school! 


Have a wonderful Valentines Day with your loved ones! If you enjoyed this post check out my Heart Healthy Valentines Day Family Friendly Meals post HERE.


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