Plant Based Smoothies

Many years ago, my husband and I started having plant-based smoothies for breakfast every day because we wanted to try a quick and healthy option. I love these because they fill me up and let me start my day fueled by plants. We found an amazing plant-based superfood powder that I love and use in almost all my baking recipes as well.

The Sun Warrior Brand protein powder is another great option. Vega Protein Made Simple Protein Powder is also one I recommend because of its great flavor and super clean ingredients.

The JP superfood powder and Vega protein powders taste the best for energy balls, pancakes, waffles, muffins, and ice cream because of their neutral flavor. I’ve used both the vanilla and chocolate flavors for all three of these powders. It depends on my mood as to which one I use each morning. Lately, I’ve been on a vanilla kick!

Here are some of my favorite smoothie recipes below. Hoping you enjoy some yummy plant-based smoothies in the morning.

Chocolate Banana Plant Based Smoothie

2 cups unsweetened almond milk

1 frozen banana

Handful spinach (Frozen is better)

1 scoop peanut butter or almond butter or cashew butter

1 scoop chocolate plant based protein powder

Mary Ann’s Famous Breakfast Smoothie

2 cups unsweetened almond milk

teaspoon mix of hemp/chia/flax seeds

1 frozen banana

cup frozen blueberries

handful strawberries

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Little Sprout Smoothie

1.5 cups water

Splash of pure apple juice

1/2 frozen banana

Small handful of frozen cauliflower

A few broccoli sprouts or whatever sprouts you have on hand

Handful frozen raspberries and blueberries

Blend all ingredients in order so that you can have a creamy smoothie. Always starting with your liquid in the blender first because it will help breakdown the other ingredients. Comment and let me know what plant-based smoothie you like the best!

Mystery Smoothie

You can really add any fruit or veggies to your plant-based smoothies, and it will taste good. I try to use frozen bananas in most of my smoothies because it gives it some sweetness. The sweetness is especially nice if you have mostly veggies in the smoothie. If you don’t like bananas, you can use frozen blueberries or frozen cauliflower. It will end up just as creamy!

Mystery Plant Based Smoothie

½ frozen banana (I like frozen fruits/veggies because it makes it extra creamy)
Throw in some frozen kale
Cut up a few pieces of frozen mango
Grab some frozen butternut squash
¼ beet
1-2 scoops vanilla plant-based powder
8-16 oz plant milk

Place ingredient in a blender starting with milk first, then fruit/veggies, and lastly frozen fruits/veggies.

Helpful Tip:

Take 5 Ziplock bags and get your ingredients that you want to use for a smoothie. Fill each bag with ingredients. Place in freezer and in the morning, plop that bad boy into the blender. Add plant milk and blend. Less than 5 minutes to have an amazing, plant based breakfast!

Comment below with your favorite smoothie!! I love to hear what you and your kids are liking!

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