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As a pediatric speech-language pathologist I’m passionate about helping parents learn the root causes to their child’s speech and language delays as well as their child’s feeding delays. I’m sharing education, realistic strategies, and practical solutions to help you help your child learn to find their voice and fuel their body with a variety of foods.

With the demands of busy schedules and overwhelmed parents, I want to help you navigate the world of early intervention so that you don’t feel alone or overwhelmed. I want to give you hope for the future and help your child be happy, healthy, and independent.

My husband and I believe in the importance of leading by example for our children so that we can nurture strong, healthy, independent, and thriving little ones. Fueling our children with a variety of foods and having pleasant mealtimes can be done when you have a plan and support. That’s where I can help you!

This blog will provide you with simple and practical solutions to help your child start talking more and start eating more real, whole foods. Enjoy!

Simple Speech Therapy Strategies You Can Do At Home

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I am part of an amazing community called Health Made Simple. Our community provides health education, grocery store tours, meal prepping and planning, online webinars and events, one on one consultations, and simple solutions to help your family eat more variety.

Please connect with us to learn more about our Health Made Simple community, our simple solutions, and/or to schedule a cooking class.

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