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Five Easy Ways To A Plant Based Lifestyle

Four years ago I started learning about the benefits of a plant based lifestyle. I love this lifestyle but I didn’t go all in at once. In fact, I’m still on the journey so that’s why I’m sharing five easy ways to a plant based lifestyle.

Four years ago I met a lady named Toni Branner (aka The Crazy Plant Lady) who is an exercise physiologist and former professor and director at UNC Chapel Hill.

She lead a talk called Top 10 reasons to eat more plants and top 10 solutions to doing so. It was life changing. Literally, she explained everything in very basic terms and I just got it.

Comment or email me at to hear her talk.

It all just made sense to me. I understood it like this: When we get back to the basics and eat more plant foods (fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes/beans our body knows exactly what to do with it.

Eating a little bit of a lot of different plant foods allows our body to do exactly what it should. All of these amazing foods work together to give us more energy, better sleep, better skin, better mood, happier, clearer thinking, etc.

When we fuel our body with plants, inflammation goes down. Our cells are repaired. Our body can heal from disease and we can even start to prevent disease from happening years from now.

If you don’t believe just lil old me then check out Forks Over Knives website HERE and documentary on Netflix.

So back to how to make small changes.

I got super pumped then I got super nervous thinking about how my family would respond to such drastic changes in diet.

But, guess what? I learned that you take small, simple steps to a healthier lifestyle. That’s how it becomes just part of your life.

At the time I had a little one that was a very picky eater. If I changed up his meals too much it would flip his world upside down in the meal department.

So I came up with five easy ways to a plant based lifestyle that is doable for all families. Even the most pickiest eaters (adults too) and even the most stubborn people (cause you know we all have one or two of those in the family). 🙂

Five Easy Ways To A Plant Based Lifestyle

  1. Pick a meal to focus on for the week. For example, maybe breakfast or snacks are the easiest meals. Start with those and make changes only to those for a week or two.
  2. Pick one meal to go plant based for the week. For example, Monday nights can be “meatless mondays” or Friday lunches can be “free from meat friday”. Keep it simple. Don’t make it complicated.
  3. Shoot for whole food based first. So many people come to me so overwhelmed with what to eat. I always say just think about real whole food. Not in a package. Just real whole grains, beans, fruits, veggies, etc.
  4. Pick your favorite type of meal and switch that up. For example, we loooove mexican! Anything and everything mexican! So, we made burrito bowls, enchiladas, tacos with beans, lentils, veggies with taco seasoning and all the yummy toppings. If your fav is pasta then make a big batch with lots of different veggies.
  5. Lastly, if you can’t imagine your meal without meat. Take a step back and don’t panic. Think baby steps. Next time you have grilled chicken then cut the filet in half and load the rest of your plate with veggies/sides. Or if you are making tacos use only half the pound of ground meat and include extra veggies (mushrooms/onions/peppers/etc) with the meat.

I think as a society we make everything harder than it really has to be. But then again there are so many people and companies telling everyone how to eat and what diet to be on.

The truth bomb is eating more plants will protect and heal your body from disease. There is no disease or condition that better nutrition from plants can’t help.

It’s a way of life. It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. It’s feeling your best from the inside out. It’s getting back to the basics. It’s giving ourselves hope and our children a brighter future.

This is my mission. This is my passion that lights me up. I want to be there for my kids and husband. I want to be there for my grandkids and great grandchildren.

I want to be taking long walks in my beautiful neighborhood with my husband when we are old and gray. What do you want? You have all the power to make that happen! Don’t let bad health take away your dreams.

If you want more help with learning simple ways to eating more real, whole foods please visit my site and check out my FUEL program HERE or Email me at for more info.

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