Super Bowl Appetizers (5 recipes)

Super Bowl Appetizers (5 recipes)

Super Bowl is this Sunday! Who is excited? Me!! I love football season and honestly I love the food even more. Here are the best super bowl appetizers (5 recipes) just in time for Sunday!

These are easy recipes because they don’t take all day in the kitchen. Under 30 minutes and done.

Even better they are all dairy free. All but one are gluten free.

The cashew cookie bars are my kids absolute favorite and they pack in all the good nutrition!

They are crunchy, salty, and sweet without all the added junk like in a packaged bar.

So without any more waiting here are my top favorite super bowl appetizers!!

Crispy Veggie Wontons:

These amazing Veggie Wontons will knock your socks off. You will think you just ordered from PF Changs but you will do your insides a favor. Eating my version made of fresh, whole food ingredients and lower sodium. No bloating from this recipe. CLICK HERE to check it out.

Collard Sushi rolls:

My good friend, Caroline, introduced me to these collard sushi rolls. and I have made them the past two years for a super bowl appetizer.

I also made them for my birthday get together last year and people were ALL over them because of their amazing flavor! They are as simple as this. See below:

Take collard leaves and place them in boiling water for two minutes.

Remove and place on flat surface.

Then spread hummus in the middle.

Sauté shredded or chopped zucchini, black beans, chickpeas, corn, and peppers with olive oil. Sprinkle with garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika. **You can use any veggies or beans that you like**

When done toss them with @tessemaes habanero ranch dressing. Then place on top of hummus and roll up! Cut like sushi or leave rolled up. Sooooo good!

Best football dip ever:

1-2 Containers of Trader Joes Bruschetta (it’s found near the hummus and salsa. It’s the olive oil based kind).

1 pack of already steamed lentils. Found at Target or Trader Joes. Found in the bean/rice section at Target and in the produce section at Trader Joes.

Mix the two together and serve with tortilla chips. We like to serve with Black Bean tortilla chips! This is by far the best ever dip! Perfect for the superbowl!  

Pickled Shrimp:

My good friend’s dad makes the absolute best pickled shrimp. A few years ago I had it for the first time and I love to make this easy dish.

It’s easy, fresh, and you can add any veggies you have on had to it. This is a recipe I found that is easy and I decrease the oil used in the recipes. I also add bell peppers, cucumbers, and okra to mine. Check it out HERE.

Cashew Cookie Bars:

As a feeding therapist and health conscious Mom I am all about moderation because I want my kids to grow up having a healthy relationship with food.

I am also all about helping them learn how to make special treats that consists of whole food nutrition. I want them to know that real whole food taste just as good as a store bought item.

One day we were in the kitchen and my son loves cashews so I decided to throw some ingredients together. We were all surprised by how amazing these cashew cookie bars are. We eat them for snack, breakfast, dessert, whenever!

They are definitely a regular in our house. They are the perfect sweet treat to be added to your list of super bowl appetizers. CLICK HERE to check out my favorite cashew cookie bar recipe.

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