The Best Spoons For Feeding Your Baby

As a feeding therapist and Mom of two little ones I know how exciting it is to start feeding your baby. I also see how frustrating it is for many parents when they can’t find a spoon that their little one can successfully hold or when the bowl goes flying across the room.

I remember many morning sitting on the floor with a Mom during one of our therapy session as she cried because feeding was just so difficult.

Her sweet baby had a significant history of reflux and for him feeding was scary and not a pleasant experience.

Her baby wanted to be in control because like all babies, and especially ones with a history of feeding difficulties, know exactly what they can and cannot handle when it comes to eating and drinking.

This baby’s reflux was now controlled but he was not ready for a spoon just yet.

We worked a lot on messy play and having fun with different textures of eating. We also worked on holding his own spoon (which he absolutely loved) during play.

He also enjoyed feeding Mom. Giving babies some control helps significantly with feeding.

We found spoons that worked for his development such as a thicker handle for him to grasp and a flatter bowl in the spoon. This helps your baby bring their upper lip down to clear the food off the spoon.

We also found bowls that were a shallow bowl so it was easy to scoop and had a suction so throwing was limited.

The Best Spoons For Feeding Your Baby:

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  1. Maroon Spoon; I love this spoon and especially for my lil ones with delayed oral motor skills because the bowl of the spoon is flat and easier to work on lip closure to clear the food off the spoon.
  2. Keeper All Baby Spoon: I like this spoon because of the wide base and grip for holding. It also has a suction so you can place on the highchair and it’s easy to pick up and scoop from a bowl or tray.
  3. Duo Spoon: I like these spoons because of the double textured head on each end. This allows the child to experience different sensory exploration when using either end. The textures on the bottom of the spoon are also great for providing input to the lips signaling them to close around the spoon.
  4. Baeba Spoon: I like these because they have a thicker handle and the pack comes with spoons and forks. I have found that a lot of little ones love to hold a fork when food is placed on it for them. They might not be ready to pick up food with a fork yet but they love to try to “mash” the food to get it or when you place the food on there for them.
  5. Munchkin White Hot Infant Spoon: I like these spoons because they are reasonable in cost, great handle for holding while sitting in highchair, and the tip turns white if food is too hot.

Whether baby is just starting to eat or is a little older and is starting to get the hang of it, remember that your baby is an active participant in feeding.

Feeding should be enjoyable for them and for you. If it seems stressful start to step back and observe why it could possibly be stressful.

Our little ones will tell us, maybe not by words but definitely with gestures, body language, and facial expressions.

Give them as many opportunities to play and get messy. Let them hold their own spoon while you feed them.

Let them dip their spoons in purees and other foods to play and explore. I hope you find this list of the best spoons for feeding your baby helpful.

Lets all learn from each other. Comment below with your favorite spoons! I’d love to hear what has worked for you!

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